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Love the good life? Then you’ll love the unmatched rewards that your Credit Card brings with it. For starters, how does unlimited cashback with instant earning and redemption sound to you?

What Is Credit Card?

Credit cards are a great way to build credit, and credit cards in UAE provide expanded buying power. Familiarize yourself with what a credit card is, so you can benefit from using one. Credit cards let you borrow money from a bank under the agreement that you’ll repay it by your bill’s due date or incur interest charges.

How To Compare Credit Cards In UAE & Dubai?

It is important to compare credit cards UAE before applying for one. Different kinds of credit cards may have different features. Some of the cards are free, whereas some of them charge an annual fee. Each available credit card option comes with its own set of advantages.

In this digital world, an applicant can compare different cards online without any hassle. Therefore, making a comparison between the available options becomes essential. Here are some of the primary factors for making the comparison.

  • Interest Rate: To attract more customers, the card providers promise to charge low rates of interest. However, the applicant must compare interest rates on different cards and find out the lowest possible option.
  • Other Fee and Charges: Every credit card involves a few compulsory charges that the cardholder has to bear. The applicant must read the fine print thoroughly to know the fee and charges applicable on the concerned card.
  • Minimum Income: To be eligible to apply for a credit card in the UAE, the applicant must be earning a certain amount of monthly income. They must make at least 5,000 dirhams to be eligible to apply for the card.
  • Rewards and Benefits: Before applying for credit cards in Dubai, the applicant must check the rewards and benefits offered on different cards. They must choose the card that provides the set of benefits that are the most suitable for them.

Types Of Credit Cards

There are different types of plastic money in the UAE, each appealing to various kinds of users. In order to find the most suitable one and accordingly pick the best credit card offers, it is essential to familiarize themselves with different categories.

Here are the different features of credit cards offered in UAE:

  • Air Miles Credit Cards
  • Airport Lounge Access Credit Cards
  • Balance Transfer Credit Cards
  • Cash Back Credit Cards
  • Travel Credit Cards
  • Cinema Offers Credit Cards
  • Golf Credit Cards
  • Free For Life Credit Cards
  • Rewards & Offers Credit Cards
  • Shariah Compliant Credit Cards


Rewards & Offers Credit Cards In UAE
Rewards & offers credit cards are one step ahead of the basic credit cards since they offer extraordinary benefits to its cardholders. Such types of credit cards usually provide rewards in terms of cashback, air miles, discounts, and other privileges for the amount that the card members spend with their credit card.

Air Miles Credit Cards In UAE

Air miles, also known as travel points and frequent flyer miles, are a part of a loyalty program offered by the air miles credit cards. Ideally, the cardholder accumulates a set amount of air miles based on how much they spend on the credit card, which can be further redeemed for booking flight tickets for free. There are two types of air miles credit cards are available in the UAE. Airline Miles, which are airline-specific reward miles, and the other one is Airline ME, which are not linked with any specific airline and can be redeemed in many ways

Airport Lounge Access Credit Cards in UAE
Regardless of the purpose of travel, airport lounge access credit cards can always come in handy. Several credit cards are available in the UAE that offers complimentary airport lounge access to its cardholder, where they can relax and unwind before taking off.

Balance Transfer Credit Cards In UAE

A balance transfer credit card helps the cardholder transfer the high-interest debt from one credit card to another with a low-interest rate. Credit cards that offer a balance transfer facility can help the cardholder save a lot on the high rate of interest by paying off the outstanding debt.

Cashback Credit Cards In UAE

Cashback credit cards pay their cardholder back some percentage of their purchases or transactions in cash. However, the cashback amount differs from one credit card to another depending on the type of purchases & monthly caps, plus factoring in minimum spends requirements.


Travel Credit Cards In UAE

Frequent travelers would already know how expensive it is to bear all the travel expenditures. From flight tickets to hotel bookings, travel expenses can be very high at times. Keeping travel needs in mind, some banks and financial institutions offer travel credit cards exclusively designed for avid travelers.
Cinema Offers Credit Cards In UAE  

Who does not love watching a movie in the theatre after a long working week? What better way to enjoy this if one can avail free movie tickets or discounts on booking cinema tickets? To reward its customers, some of the credit card lenders or banks in the UAE have tied up with cinemas such as VOX cinema and Reel Cinema, enabling the cardholder to avail great discounts and offers on movie tickets such as complimentary movie tickets, discounts on tickets as well as refreshments. Getting cinema offers credit cards, especially for a movie lover, is not less than a treat since it is a smart way to save money on movie tickets.

Golf Credit Cards In UAE

UAE is home to some of the finest golf courses globally, and golf has become more than a sport in the country. It is no wonder that most banks and financial institutions offer golf credit cards that offer benefits to customers who are either part-time or full-time golfers.

Free For Life Credit Cards In UAE

While plenty of luxury credit cards in the UAE come with an annual membership fee, a wide range of top tier credit cards offer ample benefits and rewards without charging a yearly membership fee for a lifetime. Such types of credit cards are known as free-for-life credit cards or lifetime free credit cards.

Rewards & Offers Credit Cards In UAE


Rewards & offers credit cards are one step ahead of the basic credit cards since they offer extraordinary benefits to its cardholders. Such credit cards usually provide rewards in terms of cashback, air miles, discounts, and other privileges for the amount that the card members spend with their credit card.

Shariah Compliant Credit Cards In UAE

According to shariah law, Muslim people are not permitted to do business with any organization or take part in any sort of financial practice that levies interest i.e., Riba.  

Based on Shariah law, few banks and financial institutions in the UAE offer Shariah Compliant Credit Cards. This type of Islamic credit card strictly follows shariah principles that charge profit rate instead of interest rate since Riba is strictly prohibited as per the shariah-Islamic law. However, Shariah Islamic credit card functions similarly to a traditional credit card but with slight differences in the offered benefits and features

The Following Factors Could Affect The Chances Of An Applicant Of Qualifying For A Credit Card In UAE:

  • Age: When it comes to being eligible for a credit card, age is an important factor. Most banks offer plastic cards to applicants between the age of 21 years to 60 years. But it is still possible to get a card as early as 18 if the applicant can show a source of independent income. Applicants under the age of 18 years require a legal guardian to co-sign their application.
  • Income: The applicant cannot obtain a credit card without showing a source of income. Monthly income also determines the type of card one can qualify for.
  • Credit History: While it is possible for applicants with low credit scores to obtain a credit card, they will be given very limited options, such as fee-free cards. In order to qualify for the best credit cards in UAE, it is a must to have an impeccable credit history which should ideally be between 300-900 score. Simply put, the applicant with the best credit history will get the best card with extensive offers.
  • ID Proof: A valid ID proof is an essential requirement for availing of this card. UAE Nationals must show their Emirates ID, while expatriates must show relevant documents such as their passport and visa. Address Proof: When it comes to applying for plastic money, address proof is a must. Some banks may even reject the application of those living in isolated places with little connectivity.
  • Nationality: Certain credit cards in UAE are offered exclusively for UAE nationals. In such cases, nationality also becomes a criterion for eligibility. Moreover, even the Emirate an applicant, resides in can make an impact on the application. For example, for a credit card in Dubai, online applications may be favored more as compared to those in the other Emirates.

How To Apply For a Credit Card In The UAE?


There are two platforms available to apply for a credit card in the UAE – Offline, and Online.

Credit Card Apply Offline
If you wish to apply for a credit card in the UAE offline:

  • Visit the nearest branch of the desired credit card’s provider
  • Submit the duly filled application form
  • Submit the required documents
  • The bank will verify your documents and issue a credit card within 7 working days
Credit Card Apply Online
If you wish to avoid a physical visit and prefer applying from the comfort of your home, you are at the right place. can help you get the best credit card deals without leaving the comfort of your home or office. Follow the steps to apply for a credit card online:

Step #1:
  • Visit
  • Fill and submit the form
  • Wait for your FinBuddy’s call
  • Share requested documents with your FinBuddy
  • Your FinBuddy will call to provide details of the card and ask for your preferred delivery address

  • The bank will process your online credit card application. Once the bank has verified your documents and credit card application, the credit card will be sent to your address within seven working days.
    *Before applying for a credit card in the UAE, you are advised to confirm that you meet the following credit card eligibility requirements:
  • You should be 21 years or older
  • Your minimum salary should not be less than AED 5,000

Documents Required To Apply For A Credit Card In The UAE

The applicant will require the following documents to apply for a credit card:

Application Form: A duly filled and signed application form is necessary. Most online credit card applications accept a digital signature.

ID Proof – For Emiratis, this would be the Emirates ID. Expats will need to present their original passports with visas and Emirates ID.

Address Proof – The banks ask for proof of address from both expats as well as Emiratis.

Proof of Income – As mentioned earlier, credit card eligibility in UAE depends on the minimum monthly income. The bank statement or salary slip can be used as proof of income. Certain banks may also ask for an entire year’s statement to determine whether the applicant has a stable source of income or not. The applicant applying for the best credit cards will also be required to maintain a minimum balance in their account.

What Is The Difference Between A Credit Card And Debit Card?

A debit card is a “buy now, pay now” option, whereas a credit card is a “buy now, pay later option”. The basic difference between any debit and credit card is that the former takes funds from the checking account of the card member, while the latter makes use of the money of the issuer and bills the cardholder later. The table below clearly describes the difference between a debit and a credit card.

Basic Questions For Credit Card Request

Payment history will build your credit score, emergency line of credit, credit card rewards and cash back. Credits cards are perfect for travel, easy to bill electrocially, payment history builds credit score and transaction works in any currency.

Credit card issuers have access to your basic credit card information from the credit bureau. They will check your report without affecting your score.

The two types of credit cards are Cash up and miles up.

Cash up is a way to get cash back on purchases, while miles up is a way to get points. For example, the more you spend on your credit card, the more miles or points you’ll earn.

We recommend paying your credit card balance in full every month. When you pay off your card completely with each billing cycle, you never charged interest. 

You can cancel the card by calling customer service and following the instructions.

Spending groceries, hypermarkets and super markets, online purchases, cash on call, balance transfer, government bills, mortgage with the card etc.

There is no option for quick cash from the ATM. However, you can call customer care and make the same request which also has an option to get paid in instalments.

Yes, but be sure to call customer care service ahead of time and provide an out of country alert.

Cancel the insurance by calling the customer directly.

Call customer care and ask them to cancel the DDA.

Call Customer care services immediately and ask them to cancel the card. They  will immediately block your card and issue a new credit card.

Contact customer care and ask if the card limit can be increased. If the customer is eligible, the card limit can be increased based on the AECB and DBR calculation.

Contact customer care and request them to change due dates.

A bank transfer is the transfer of credit card balances from one card to another. The processing fee is also applicable.

You can pay in three ways: Deem app or Deem portal. pay through cash collecting machines in nearby locations, through bank transfers and get a copy of your receipt by email, finally, setting up a standing instruction with your bank after completing the form.

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